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To provide the opportunity for youth in the community to develop an awareness of and an intimate relationship with the natural environment, in particular the mountains of the Western Cape and those further afield


  • To promote the Cape Province Mountain Club (CPMC) in various communities
  • To advance mountaineering in these communities, especially amongst indigent youth
  • To educate youth on the natural and social environment
  • To inculcate mountaineering skills
  • To show the recreational value of the mountain
  • To develop independence amongst our youth
  • To positively change people’s perceptions of the natural environment


To achieve our aims through:

  • Regularly exposing youth (12-25 years of age) to the mountain and the natural environment in general

  • Using a range of activities to achieve the aforementioned, e.g., outdoor activities, media, workshops

  • Networking with a range of people in civil society to achieve our aims

  • Working specifically with and alongside primary and high schools, tertiary institutions and community organisations

  • Developing a resource bank of equipment, learning materials, contacts, inter alia

  • Developing a data base of fraternal or like-minded organisations that would contribute to furthering our aims

  • Seeking funding to sustain our programme/s